Sunday afternoon I met with my coach, Jeremy Brizzi, from Crush Multisport, to go over my 40 week training program.

Before I dive in, I should provide back story on how I met JB. When I first returned to Chicago from Bali in 2009, I was lost in reverse culture shock, trying not to forget the beautiful gamelan music I was used to hearing everyday, but delighted to ride a bike again and complete my first Ironman 70.3. See, since I was a late teen, I have dreamed of completing an Ironman race.   While studying in Argentina Jan-June of 2008, I had a significant amount of time to spare and decided it was time to TAKE ON MY DREAMS (insert wide-eyed dreamy smile gazing in to the distance).  So, in July 2008, I completed my first triathlon, a sprint distance in Naperville, IL, biking on a garage sale steel frame road bike I borrowed from my friend that was a liiiiittle too big for my 5’4″ frame. Being the overzealous and impulsive person I am, I immediately decided it was time to register for a half Ironman (1.2mi swim, 56mi bike, 13.1mi run) taking place in June 2009.  So, I saved over the Winter for a legitimate bike I could race on and flew off to Bali to be a governess.  Living in the jungle during the months of January and February proved to be exceptionally helpful in training for an early season race, not to mention I got to train in some gorgeous villa pools I enjoyed completely to myself!  In April ’09, I bought a bike I could both explore the Chicago streets on AND race Irons- a Jamis Satellite (sadly, this bike was stolen from me last year). Anywho, I returned to American soil and was in need of some friends and I thought, “who better to pal around with than triathloners?”, so I joined the Element Triathlon Club where I met JB at the first meeting.  Shortly after, he organized a loop ride from Harvard, IL to Lake Geneva with the club, and we’ve been friends ever since.  Jeremy has been an unbelievable friend over the years, from running partner to confidant to drinking buddy, I couldn’t have chosen anyone better to be my coach.

I am also certain Jeremy was born to be a coach. Not only is he impeccably organized, supportive, motivating, and a tremendous listener, he loves triathlons and endurance sports more than anyone I know. He established CRUSH Multisport last year and I am honored to be one of his athletes.

Ok, back to Sunday, JB & I hit up Intelligentsia in the loop (holy shit their coffee rocks), and discussed my Ironman program. It’s going to be a rockin’ 2012, folks!  Yesterday morning, my alarm went off at 6ish and I hightailed it to the Logan Xsport to get in the pool for the first time in OVER A YEAR (violin-screeching teeth clench), I put on my new suit, goggles, and an old cap, and got in!  Although it was a low-impact drills workout, I am pleasantly sore today! Afterwards, on my run, I got to break-in my new Garmin watch, that makes me squeal in delight just thinking about it!  It is orange and huge and awesome. Anyway, I did a slow run and, man, it feels SO GREAT to be on a training program again, especially training for a race I’ve been waiting my whole life to complete.

This weekend The Christo & I will head to Cali to see some close friends, but most importantly, to celebrate my mama’s 60th year of life!  JB tailored my workout to accomodate my travel which I REALLLY appreciate (since I love to travel A LOT).

I see beautiful beach runs with my ridiculously fast boyfriend in my weekend future.

Type at y’ll later!

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2 thoughts on “And…GO!

  1. So very excited for you and to work with you! Can’t wait to watch you cross that finish line and for the days before then as we get you ready for the race of your life!

  2. Jo says:

    Huzzah! I’m so excited to follow along with your badass self.

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